Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Customer Events Release !!! Scrapbooking Stamping Card Making & Off The Page Projects

Hi everyone,
I am very excited about this new workshop release, things are certainly exploding into 2009 here with Kaszazz.......

Attend a 5PQ Workshop or a 2H Workshop and your local Kaszazz consultant will give you a tour of our latest product catalogue. You will then create 5 fantastic projects{5PQ} or the featured project {2H Workshops} with the expert guidance of your consultant.

All levels of skill are catered for! Choose from projects suitable for "beginners" or "beyond beginners".

Can't wait to be sharing these fantastic new workshops with you all. I love them all, but do leave your comments to tell me your favourite Kaszazz Workshop!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Easiest 1 Page Mini Album

I came accross this pattern a long time ago on the net somewhere, I needed a quick fix so I thought I would try this with my free packs I got from Kaszazz. I love the cupcake stamp!

This is what Kaszazz Products I used to make this Mini Album:

1 Sheet of 12 x 12 Bazzill Basics

1/2 Sheet of 12 x 12 Patterned Paper

1 Scrap of white card for stamping

Ancient Page ink - Coal Black

Aquacolor Crayons -12 pack

6mm Super Tape

Also you will need:


Cutting Blade

Bone scorer

Step 1 : Using your bazzill 12 x 12 in a portrait position fold the card stock in half, then fold the opend edges into the centre fold to create, a mountain - valley fold. Open the card out flat again turn to a landscape position and again fold the card in half then fold the opened outer edges into the centre fold to create a mountain- valley fold. ( See PIC'S)

Step 2: Using your knife and metal ruler- with your bazzill layout out flat, you are going to cut from the bottom of the first fold to the start of the top square (9") - then on the centre fold you need to start at the top and cut to the start of the bottom square or 9" down - and the last fold from the bottom to the start of the top square ( SEE PIC'S )

( Only cut to the start of the last squares )

Step 3: Folding- I started with the bottom right hand corner and folded back and forward to the other end

Step 4 : The cover. Cut (2) -3 1/2" inch squares out of your A5 Card. These will make the inside of your cover. Then cut out of your patterned paper (2) 4: inch squares. Using tape stick your cardstcock centrally on the back of your patterned paper and cover.

Step 5: Using your super tape stick your folded book onto the inside of the album covers. Then using super tape secure all the folds in the inner pages to make it a book or you can leave some opened for tags etc if you like......

Step 6 : Using your cupcake stamp and Ancient page Ink Coal Black - stamp the image on spare white card. Then colour using your aquacolor crayons. If your image is not to wet then cut it out and mount it with either super tape or magic mount to the front of your mini album............

Just some notes:

Ancient page ink I prefer when using my colours as it won't run into your colour. There is no need to heat set it, if your are using something other than ancient page you will need to check the product instructions and most of the time you will stop it running by heat setting it. (Remember if you don't have a heat gun you can use your toaster)

New CCA Packs - I got mine free and so could you!

I soooooo love it when the parcel lady wakes me up early in the morning with a present for me from Kaszazz.
As an independant demonstrator of Kaszazz products we are privy to some very awesome freebies , through minimum sales requirements or sales totals bonuses. To earn myself a (FNPSP) Free New Products Sample Pack, all I had to do was remain active for the four months prior to the new release, seriously! The sales required for active are $350 a month - yes, you read it right, it is pretty easy to get $350 a month in sales, 1 FREE Make N Take Demo or 1 Workshop sales a month.
The pictures above are what Kaszazz sent me and many other Kaszazz Consultants around Australia earlier this week. I am very pleased with my freebies and have already been creating. See you back here soon with my creations.
6355 Cut-Crop-Assemble- You're Done! - My girl
6354 Cut-Crop- Assemble- You're Done! - My Boy

Monday, January 19, 2009

2H105 Time Capsule Calendar 1 of 4 - Stand & Jan

2H105 Time Capsule Calendar 1 of 4 - Stand & Jan
Created By Naomi Elliot
Instruction by Kaszazz

The Time Capsule Calendar consists of a series of four workshops.
During the first 2 hour workshop you will complete the first part, including the calendar cover-stand and the month of January.
This workshop is suitable for beginners
@$30 per person

If you would like to get some friends together and host this workshop in your home please contact me via phone or email.
I will be running this workshop again in late Feb/early march.
It will be run as a combination of workshops 1 & 2 @ Landsborough CWA Hall.
Watch this space for dates

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Team Training Day "JAN09"

Kaszazz held Team Training Days all around Australia this weekend just gone. I was lucky enough to ditch the kids on hubby and have a full day of hands on fun. This TTD we made two of the new workshops in the January Products Release. I made 2H152 Mini Album Book - My Boy & 2H154 Water Colour Kids Cards (4).
There are many perks to being a Kaszazz Independent Consultant and the Training Days are one of my favourite, no matter where you are in Australia you can join in the fun. My Kaszazz team is mostly in North Qld , so I attended another teams TTD, as a consultant you are welcome to attend by closest location to you and this time it was 20 minutes down the road...W-hooo I met some lovely ladies & had a fantastic day. It was just what I needed to feed my enthusiasm & kick start my papercrafts energy for 2009.
Hope to see you all at the next TTD don't forget to email me when your ready to join in the creative fun!
Happy Scrappin

January 's Bumper 20 Page New Products Release!

Well its finally here! And I think it was worth the wait! A big fat 20 page flier of New Unmounted stamps and also the return of some Lucy's Stamp favourites now in unmounted. Brand new Workshops, ribbons, kits and more. There is 2 new paper ranges that will not disappoint - one for the boys MY BOY & one for the girls MY GIRL in bright funky colours these ranges will leave you full of fresh creative idea's.

( My mind has not stopped since I had the opportunity to play with some of these things yesterday at our Team Training Days- more about that soon )

Follow this link to lay your eyes on our fresh new range:

Don't forget to book your FREE Make N Take Demo or 2 Hour workshop
- get your hands creating!


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