Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Easiest 1 Page Mini Album

I came accross this pattern a long time ago on the net somewhere, I needed a quick fix so I thought I would try this with my free packs I got from Kaszazz. I love the cupcake stamp!

This is what Kaszazz Products I used to make this Mini Album:

1 Sheet of 12 x 12 Bazzill Basics

1/2 Sheet of 12 x 12 Patterned Paper

1 Scrap of white card for stamping

Ancient Page ink - Coal Black

Aquacolor Crayons -12 pack

6mm Super Tape

Also you will need:


Cutting Blade

Bone scorer

Step 1 : Using your bazzill 12 x 12 in a portrait position fold the card stock in half, then fold the opend edges into the centre fold to create, a mountain - valley fold. Open the card out flat again turn to a landscape position and again fold the card in half then fold the opened outer edges into the centre fold to create a mountain- valley fold. ( See PIC'S)

Step 2: Using your knife and metal ruler- with your bazzill layout out flat, you are going to cut from the bottom of the first fold to the start of the top square (9") - then on the centre fold you need to start at the top and cut to the start of the bottom square or 9" down - and the last fold from the bottom to the start of the top square ( SEE PIC'S )

( Only cut to the start of the last squares )

Step 3: Folding- I started with the bottom right hand corner and folded back and forward to the other end

Step 4 : The cover. Cut (2) -3 1/2" inch squares out of your A5 Card. These will make the inside of your cover. Then cut out of your patterned paper (2) 4: inch squares. Using tape stick your cardstcock centrally on the back of your patterned paper and cover.

Step 5: Using your super tape stick your folded book onto the inside of the album covers. Then using super tape secure all the folds in the inner pages to make it a book or you can leave some opened for tags etc if you like......

Step 6 : Using your cupcake stamp and Ancient page Ink Coal Black - stamp the image on spare white card. Then colour using your aquacolor crayons. If your image is not to wet then cut it out and mount it with either super tape or magic mount to the front of your mini album............

Just some notes:

Ancient page ink I prefer when using my colours as it won't run into your colour. There is no need to heat set it, if your are using something other than ancient page you will need to check the product instructions and most of the time you will stop it running by heat setting it. (Remember if you don't have a heat gun you can use your toaster)

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