Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two or Three Step Stamping {Day 4}

Hi everyone
Welcome to Thursday, today I have cheated slightly I have used only the outline stamp of the Funky Butterfly 2 Step set you will also need SB Paper Bella Borders/Dots & Quattro Dots, Daisies, Rhinestones, Colourbox Fluid Chalk - Lime Pastel, Bazzill Fussy, Ice Stickles - Crystal Ice, Glossy Accents, Ancient Page Ink pad - Black, Spring Time Stamp set.

Fold and score A5 Card in half. Trim Fussy Bazzill to 10 x 14.2cm. Use the grass stamp from the spring time set and the Lime pastel ink pad and stamp about a cm from the bottom of the fussy bazzill. From the Borders/Dots cut a strip of the green swirl and the blue flowered strip - hand cut the curves. Use super tape to stick these top and bottom of card as shown. Use glossy accents to secure 3 daisies and rhinestones across the grass. Stamp 2 funky butterflies onto the blue/white dots of the Dots/Quattro Paper. Hand cut a full image and the top wings of the second image, stamp the funky butterfly again onto the base card ( refer to picture ), using glossy accents secure the full butterfly over the stamped image and the the upper wings for a layered effect. Use Ice stickles to jazz up the butterfly.

See you back here tomorrow for the last day of 2/3 step stamps.
Happy Papercrafting

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two or Three Step Stamping {Day 3}

Hi everyone welcome to Wednesday! Today I have again used the Hearts 2 & 3 Step Stamp Sets, Chalking Set-Brights-dark pink, SB Paper-Bella- Borders/Dots, Perfect Medium Ink , Ancient Page Ink-Black & A5 White Card.
I have stamped the small Heart Words and Stitched outline in Perfect Medium on my base white card, then I used a cotton wool ball and the dark pink chalk to colour the stamped images. I have added a 14.75cm x 5.5cm strip of Borders/Dots paper. On scrap white card I stamped the solid large heart with Perfect Pearls and again chalked it using the dark pink. I used Ancient Page Black ink to stamp the large outline stamp over my chalked heart & mounted it with magic mount.
I also made 2 of the Easter cards today from the new Easter Cards Workshop...they are so cool! My mind is spinning with idea's to use these stamps this Easter, if only I could make the chocolate taste as good as red tulip then I could save a fortune this Easter......
Till Tomorrow
Happy Papercrafting

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two or Three Step Stamping {Day 2}

Welcome to Tuesday, for today's card I have used the current Hostess Gift Heart Stamps, this set has the smaller set of 3 step Heart ( solid-words-outline stitching) & the larger set is the 2 step Heart ( solid - outline ). These are very funky stamps and you can get them free this month if you Host your own Kaszazz In Home Demonstration and achieve a sales total of $350 or more...easy I did it with 3 orders !
{ Current Host Promotions available for orders paid before April 21, 2009 unless sold out }
The background of this card is simply a piece of photocopy paper scrunched up and then I have rubbed my vivid raspberry ink pad over the paper until I had the desired effect. I mounted this on Petalsoft Bazzill.The centre piece mounted on Petalsoft bazzill also. I have firstly stamped both the solid stamps in vivid raspberry ink on white card. I dusted both the solids with perfect pearls in pink for a nice shimmer finish. I then stamped the words stamp and the two outline stamps in vivid back ink. I cut out both stamped images and mounted the larger heart on the bazzill, added a white daisy , magic mount then the smaller heart. I used a stamp from the new mini message set, edged the bazzill with black ink & attached it to my card.
Don't forget to check out Lauren & Jo's blogs today for some more fantastic idea's to get the most out of your Kaszazz products!
Till tomorrow
Happy Papercrafting

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two or Three Step Stamping {Day !1}

Welcome to Monday, this weeks "Product Of the Week" is going to test my creativity, so lets get started. Kaszazz offers several sets of 2 step stamps as well as the newly released 3 step stamps, mine are on their way, I will start stalking the post lady from

For todays card I have used an A5 Black card {9883} , I used my Curvy Cutter Tool{EKCC05} and the Curvy Cutter Oval Templates {EKCC07} to create the ovals, I actually cut it out of the black card but it would be easier to make your ovals just with the Bazzill Bling - Spoilt Brat {4667}, I used track 1 setting 4 for the inner oval, then track 1 setting 3 and 1 for the outer oval. Then track 2 setting 3 for the centre white oval.

On the centre white oval, I have used ColorBox Pigment Ink - Orange {15013} & Butterfly Stamp Solid {4058KG}, centre this on your oval or stamp first and cut out oval 2nd. Then I have used Vivid Ink - Black {09082} & Butterfly Stamp - Outline {4057KG} & stamped over the top of the solid stamped butterfly. I then used the Orange ink to shade the edge , then black ink to seal the edge.

I have used Glossy Accents {4208} to attach my ovals to the card, I have used 4 orange Rhinestones from the multi set {4555} I have used Punches - Medium Daisy {PSM80C} & Small Daisy {PSP03C} to create the flower embellishment.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March New Products Release

I was so excited when I got this new release flier, that any hint of a budget I had went right out the bad !

The new workshops are so awesome, I have chosen my favourites already, they are 2H210 Bella Dotty Handbag & Cards and of course the 2H205 Easter Cards - I had to order the entire page of Easter stamps, couldn't help myself so watch this space for Easter idea's.
There are some many exciting new things and they call this a mini release can't wait to see whats in the next one!

Till next time, grab yourself a cuppa and feast your eyes on these new products to get our creativity flowing!

Punches Blog War { Day 4 }

Hello today,
I discovered yesterday that I actually had 2 more punches I had forgotten about....that's usually the way...I whinge and then discover I was wrong :) oops...
Today I have used my corner rounder with the base off to scallop the edge of my patterned paper, I have mounted this on a piece of bazzill, added some contraband ribbon with a bow I glued on with glossy accents, added some rhinestones and hand cut the hearts from another piece of scrap patterned paper.
This is a really good card to use for left over bits, play around with the scalloping, put it on both sides of the paper and / or bazzill.

Till next time
Happy Papercrafting

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Punches Blog War { Day 3 }

Hi everyone,
Did you know I only own 5 punches from the current Kaszazz range, all this is about to change as I have now discovered how few I have.....I will add them to my never ending wish list!
Today I have made a tag pocket card,to make your pocket, starting with your A5 card, score at 1.5 cm and again at 11.25 cm ( I have used cards from the castaway card pack ) . Open your pocket up and using your medium circle punch, punch a half circle in the front centre of your card ( refer to pictures ) place tape along the inside bottom and the inside of the 1.5cm flap and secure your pocket.
For the main image I have used Stamps.....4057KG Butterfly....4077KM Script Background....1937LH Swirls. Inkpad 71701 ColorBox Fluid Chalk Queue - Chocolate / Blueberries - Dark Brown and Blue Iris.
Ok stamp your butterfly on your base card with dark brown fluid chalk , and again on the same coloured card { to be cut out for finishing } & on scrap card once { to be cut out and used as a mask } .....3 all up. After cutting out your extra butterfly secure the scrap card one over the butterfly on your main page with supertape - don't go nuts with the tape you need to remove this carefully later- now again with the dark brown fluid chalk stamp your script stamp over the top of the masked butterfly stamp. And again with your swirl stamp over the top of the script and the butterfly stamp. Use your Dark Brown again to edge and age your stamped piece, then remove the mask from your butterfly.
After cutting out your finishing butterfly , I used my aqua colour crayons to add some colour to my butterfly on the base card as well as the cut out.
Patterned paper background ~ #4753 - Flourish - Terracotta / Stripes. Trimmed to 9cm x 13.75cm, using your whale circle punch out a half circle in the centre, attach this to your card.
Trim your stamped image to your desired size, then Java Bazzill slightly larger, I offset mine but you can mount it straight or not!
For the insert I trimmed card to 9cm x 13.5cm, then I used a punched circle to put the tag on, offcuts to decorate and fluid chalks to age.
Have fun !
Don't forget to check out the other blog list players, and see what punch designs they have come up with today !

Monday, March 16, 2009

Punches Blog War { Day 2 }

I'm afraid this one isn't my design either but it is very cute and quite easy to make, the young lady who did design this is Lauren Meader and you can head on over to her blog for the directions, I had to modify it a bit but it turned out very cute!

Punches Blog War { Day 1 }

Hi again,

This card is not my design, I got this design from a video on youtube by two peas in a bucket the video is called Finally Friday - Flowers. I will be using the technique though it could have so many possibilities. All you need it the circle punch trio, some scrap papers and an A5 card. I have used my mini messages stamp set - Just a little note!

Back soon with todays!

Catching me up! NEW PRODUCTS........

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been away, had family matters that needed my attention for the week. But I did manage to have some therapy sessions and by that I mean playing with my stash....this is my effort at distressed inks above, I watched a video on youtube, there are many from Tim Holtz ~WATCH HERE ~

The winner of Vellum Week was Kerisha, thanks for all your comments and making my blog war so mych fun . I have changed the area you will now find the blog war participants is now to the right in the blog war players list. Be sure to check them out regularly to see more fantastic idea's for you to create.

NEW PRODUCTS .......Hold on to your hats for this one.....We have a bumper new products release including new Bella papers, EASTER.....get easter covered this year with 2 new workshops ......<<<<<<<<CHECK THEM OUT HERE>>>>>>>>>

I had a second therapy session this week here it is, I will be back soon for this weeks

Punches Blog war

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Using Kaszazz Vellum {Day 5}

Hi again,
I quickly wanted to share this layout with you I have pinched from my album as I have ran out of time today! I have one more idea to play with for Vellum and will try to get that up here tomorrow. I love this layout, my son Brodie is a car nut and he loved finding this Dodge Charger at a car meet we went to in Townsville, he became a fan of the dodge after becoming addicted to the Dukes of Hazard series.

This is a simple way to use Vellum in your layout to give it that something extra.

Happy Paper Crafting, don't forget to leave your comments to go into this weeks draw.

Using Kaszazz Vellum {Day 4}

Bubble Butterfly Vellum Card

Hey everyone,

Sorry I am late but this was worth the delay. I have been playing with a heap of idea's to try to come up with something awesome...This is my idea of awesome :)

The background vellum is made by using your plain Vellum, Bubble wrap and vivid ink in Raspberry. Cut your Vellum down to size. Get your bubble wrap ( I buy mine by the roll from the post office ) use your vivid ink and stamp it all over the textured side of the bubble wrap - then turn it onto the vellum and pat down evenly, then remove and discard the bubble wrap -set this aside to dry.

The butterfly centre piece - I have got my rectangle cut to size then using your vivid again cover the vellum in ink, use a sweeping motion from the centre outwards then turn and do the same from the opposite direction. Now working quickly get your clean butterfly stamp and stamp it onto the inked vellum- this removes the ink from the vellum- like a reverse stamping, we are taking the ink away rather then putting it there. I have then used a flower stamp and repeated the process around the edges, when doing this I have stamped to remove the ink - then stamped onto scrap paper and then again onto the vellum- this cleans the ink from the stamp so you can pick up enough ink to get the effect. Then set this aside to dry ( I gave them both half hour to dry )

I have then used Scotch Vellum tape to secure the background piece to the card - when using this tape be sure to put it on your card not the vellum - rub it with the back of your thumb nail till the tape backing falls away - then use your palms to rub gently over the vellum to adhere to the tape. If you stick it on the vellum first or rub it hard when you put the vellum on it will show through.

I have then matted the centre piece on white card - this made the effect show through much better. Then used eyelets and my silent setter to secure this. You can use super tape on the reverse of this to adhere to your card.

I have then stamped my Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much stamp in vivid onto white card and cut it up to get my words. I have mounted my words with Magic Mount & added them to my card.

I hope you all have a blast with these techniques, I am up to my elbows in ink but it sure was fun! I found that darker colours worked best. Let me know how you go with your creations would love to see other peoples ideas with these techniques.

I am off to see what everyone else did yesterday then try to come up with something brilliant for the last day of Vellum. Be sure to check them out @

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Using Kaszazz Vellum {Day 3}

Vellum Flowers Card
Hi everyone,
Sorry I am a little late tonight, its been a busy day. I must apologize also for forgetting to post a link to Joellen's Blog yesterday, I won't forget you today I promise:)
Today's card I have made vellum flowers and I think they are beautiful, they are really easy to make, here's how: I have used the plain Vellum with the whale punch Daisy. I have then used a styling tool which I have no idea what its name is - but you can use an empty ball point pen, your bone scorer the top of a paint brush etc to shape the flowers, it works best if you can do this on a padded mouse pad, I don't have one of them so I used a piece of copy paper folded in 4 on top of my thick table cloth, start at the centre of each petal and rub gently in a circular motion and the petal edges will curve up to give your flower shape. I then used my hydra sponge and Lavender fluid chalk to colour my flowers, colouring 2 & leaving 1 uncoloured for each flower stack. I then used glossy accents as a glue and added a rhinestone for the centre.
Then I have used a flourish type stamp from my Ebony & Ivory stamp set and stamped the corners off the edge of my folded 8 x 8 white card, stamped the centre with the Birthday Wishes stamp both in Lavender fluid chalk and glued the flowers on with glossy accents.
Be sure to check out all the other fabulous Vellum projects this week @
Don't forget to leave your comments to win this weeks prize
(3) 12 x 12 Kaszazz Vellum so you too can create some of these fantastic projects.
Today's question: What will you make if you win?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Using Kaszazz Vellum {Day 1}

Old Bear Vellum Overlay Card

Hey everyone,
I have had some fun today, I am no expert when it comes to Vellum, so I tried a heap of idea's and techniques today. Some weren't so when I carefully painted with water colours...But I have managed to make 2 cards (you'll see the other tomorrow) that I think turned out very nice.
Today's is a simple overlay, I have stamped {904LK} Old Bear Large onto {1913} A4 Vellum using the {72010} Ancient Coal Inkpad - Coal Black, trimmed and then torn the bottom edge. I have then secured this to a piece of SB Paper - Ebony & Ivory - {4798} Ribbon / Stripes using mini brads from the {4737} Embellishment kit - Aged Copper & again trimmed and torn the bottom edge. Matted onto a Mahogany A5 card from the {9878} Castaway Card Pack, I think this card looks stunning for it simplicity.
I have already checked out all the talented papercrafter blogs that have joined our war, very impressive !!!! Loads of fantastic ideas for you all to get your creativity flowing.
Check them out
Don't forget to leave your comments this week I have (3) 12 x 12 Vellum's up for grabs
Today's question is can you tell me what Vellum was originally made from ?

Using Kaszazz Vellum {Day 1}

Hi everyone,

Day one caught me with a major headache so I have pulled from my album the very first scrap pages I made when I started with Kaszazz ( back then Crafty Kids ). I loved the vellums from the start, here I have used the {4411} Inspiration Vellum with the {4681} Daisy /Stripes paper & {4680} Circles /Stars paper from the Pretty in Pink Range. On the left page I have run plain Vellum through the printer to put my daughters birth details, I really like that I can do this and have done so in a few of my layouts.

I was very new to scrapbooking when I made this layout and have always loved it - which is more than I can say for a few other layouts I made in the early stages.
Be sure to check out what Lauren has made today, I will let you know when everyone else had started joining us, so you can all get more idea's for using your Kaszazz products!

To win this weeks prize which will be {3} 12 x 12 Vellum leave your comments and when you do for Day 1's post please answer this: Which is your favourite Kaszazz Vellum ?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kaszazz New Products Release "RUB ONS"

Here they are Kaszazz has released their very own Rub Ons, I am a huge fan of rub ons.
I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these. The first ones I will be ordering will be the Elegant Inspirations Bling and the Flourish and Floral Bling, I need (LOL) to see these in person as they have their own self adhesive bling....I love bling!

These are now available for ordering.
If you wish to place an order with me please email me at
All Mail Orders over $100 will attract free postage!

Cupcakes Galore !!! Week 1 Blog War Winner

This weeks winning comment:

yummy yummy yummy! Looks good enough to eat!! Am about to sign on the dotted line to join Kaszazz and am really excited! Thanks for sharing your projects with us!
Kathie xoxo

Kathie please email me your postal address :

Thanks for your comments, lucky I can papercraft because I couldn't bake anything that looks this good. LOL Congrats Kathy
I will look forward to seeing you in our fabulous Kaszazz community soon!


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