Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March New Products Release Rock N Roll

You'd best put your dancing shoes on for this one !
I thought you might like to know that at Kaszazz we have recently had a new products release! YAY !!!!! I have some spaces free in my diary in the next few weeks & would love to show you and your friends our exciting new products .
Did You know
By hosting a demo at home you will have the opportunity to earn some fantastic FREEbies
whilst having fun with friends..... You & your friends will also get to make a project free !

You can contact me by

phone (07) 54948304

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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a girl Thing ! Butterfly Kisses Page

Hi Bloggers
I am on a loaner computer as mine blew up ! So I am hoping my photo editing etc turns out OK ..
No computer leaves more time for creating at least. I quite like the way this layout of my gorgeous daughter turned out ......

I have stamped some watermarked butterflies 3 inches in from the bottom and left edges. You can see faintly in these bottom pictures. Hand cut some purple stamped images to embellish you'll need to stamp 3 images for this project , then with the offcuts of this I have punched some small & medium daisies finishing with some diamante for bling.....
I may well add some kindyglitz to the butterflies for more bling later .....

Happy creating

Friday, March 11, 2011

This weeks creations - Ribbon Box and Hanger Set with Instructions

Hey Bloggers
Back again! This is my solution to cleaning my scrap stash , I organised and cleaned up !
My ribbon box was pretty easy to make, I have used some picture framing inserts I picked up cheap from the frame shop ($1 a bag in a basket ) but you could use a Kaszazz Chipboard product, I would use my 12 x 12 chipboard if I didn't have these to use up.
To Begin cut your pieces from heavy card or chipboard :
Base 7.5" x 5"
Ends 2.6" x 5" (x2)
Front & Back 2.25" x 7.5 ( x2 )
Centre Divider 7.3" x 2.4"
Handle 7.3 x 0.5"
Note: Measurements for centre divider will vary please note the width of your base product
Purple Bazzill Cuts
9" x 7.5"
1.25 x7.5"
5" x 3" ( x2 )

Before you assemble using your end pieces punch your handle holes at 1.5" and 3.5" and 0.5" down from your top edge. Using your Handle piece punch centrally 0.5" from each end.
Assembling the base
  • attach your 5" x 3" Bazzill to your end pieces using double sided tape, placing it flush with your top edge leaving a 0.4" flap at the base
  • Re punch your handle holes in your ends
  • Use your scorer to create a crisp fold on the bottom flap
  • Add double sided tape to the inside of the bottom flap
  • Attach both end pieces to your base
  • Attach your bazzill flush with one of your front/back pieces attach to your base along with the other front/back piece

Now your box should look like a star

  • Cut 4 x 2" strips of ribbon , attach these to each corner to form your box
  • Cut 25" of ribbon and attach around the top edge of your front back sides
  • Do these same around your bottom edge - not only does it look pretty it strengthens your box

Ready to make the handle

  • Attach your handle piece in the centre of your bazzill
  • Re punch your handle holes
  • Use a scorer to fold the card around your handle
  • Re punch the back handle holes again
  • Cut 2 x 28"strips of ribbon
    Run them along the top of your handle and through your handle holes , separate ribbons, put the from the inside out of your box and tie a knot to secure , repeat opposite end.

Ready for your inserts

  • Cut white card stock 7.3" x 10"
  • Score this at 2.5" , 5" , 7.5"
  • Attach this to your centre divider piece and place it in the bottom of your box

I also made a ribbon insert by scoring strips of white card stock the scores go

1" -1.75" - 2.75" - 3.75" - 4.5" - 5.5" - 6.5" - 7.25" and so on ....

Its a 1 " / 0.75 " / 1" / 1" / 0.75" pattern

I have ten slots that comfortable fit my 2 metre Kasz ribbon reels . I have left the back as a bigger compartment and have filled it well with my other kaszazz ribbons.

Now your ready to decorate

I have used my chipboard letters from Kaszazz , embossing them 4 times to get a thick coating in black. And there you have it a fun way to use & store your products !

Now for the ribbon hanger. This I made to clean up all those bits I have and I also wanted to be able to see them so they get used first not last from now on !
This was easy easy easy to make and turned out great... I again used my bargain buy from the picture frame shop but would be perfect for a 6 x 6 drilled album cover and the instructions will be for the Kaszazz 6 x 6 drilled album covers.
To make the ribbon hanger front
  • with your already drilled holes in your at the top of work , use a ruler and pencil to rule a line 1",2",3",4",5"
  • repeat this process from the side making a 1 inch grid from the base of your album cover
  • now get your hammer ready because you have some punching to do. I use my kasz Punch N Set which you don't usually need a hammer to operate but I don't have the strength to punch through chipboard ...so out comes the hammer !
  • Punch the amount of holes that suit you but remember to consider how you will be decorating before you punch I have punched the basic rectangle shape and left a small gap to decorate.
  • attach 6" x 6" Bazzill to the front of your hanger with double sided sticker paper
  • turn this over and re punch all of your holes
  • attach 6" x 6 " white card stock to the rear of your front and repeat above process.

Ribbon hanger back

Simply cover both sides of your album cover with card stock colour of your choice and re punch the 2 predrilled holes.

Tie some ribbon through your front and back covers (see pic above ) Tie it loose enough for your covers to open a bit. Decorate it up a bit ...I used some funky blooms offcuts here. Now thread up all those bits in the draw and use them up :)

I hope you have as much fun making these projects for yourself as I did !

This weeks creations - Multi flip Mini Album Funky Blooms

Hey Bloggers
I was suppose to be going through and cleaning up my scrap stash yesterday ...LOL ..... This is the first project I knocked out yesterday. A conversion of the Kaszazz Workshop - Mini Album Book.

I have made this one from our Funky Blooms range ...one of my favourites !
I loved how this project came up but was suppose to be cleaning out my stash and organising .....hahahaha there was only one solution ....I had to combine the 2 !
I'll be back in a little while with my solution to my ribbons being everywhere!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Embossed Easter Peek-a-boo Bunny Card

Hi again

How time flies .....just a quick share today an Easter card I had made earlier this week ......it would make a great baby boy's first Easter card ! Both images on this card have been embossed and mounted with magic mount. Paper in this project is Lilly May from Kaszazz Foundations Range.

Kaszazz has an exciting range of new products out now to get your creative energy flowing ! Grab a cuppa and pop on over to Kaszazz for a browse.

Fancy a ......

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  • A 2hour paper crafts workshop with friends
  • To become a kaszazz business or hobby consultant
  • Or to take advantage of any current promotions or offers by direct order

Phone : (07) 5494 8304

Email : ketacraft@hotmail.com

Easter Basket & Card ...Day 5....

Hey Blogger's
Back with another basket a very simple box ( I did forget to take photo's as I went the next one I promise I will do instructions and pictures) . I have used offcuts of bazzill bling with bazzill basics card stock. Dotty Green Ribbon & one of my favourite toys my corner punch that turns into a border punch by removing the base ..... My kaszazz Easter Eggs stamp I have used my lyra water colour crayons directly onto the stamp then sprayed lightly with my water spritz and stamped onto white card stock ...I love this technique for the ability to apply different colours and it looks great finished ....Just remember you don't want it too wet , just a light spray from about 10 - 15 cm away :)

A Basic little 4" x 4" card to go with my basket & day 5 is done :)
I'll be back shortly to share a very cute Easter card I made ......

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Easter Basket & Card ...Day 4 ....Another round weaved basket

Hi bloggers
For today's basket another smaller round weave. I have used my A5 oatmeal card, Kaszazz Foundation papers - Lily May, along with Antique Gems brads & Dotty Lime Ribbon.
I have stamped my Kaszazz Easter Eggs stamp on the non floral side of my Lily May paper in Berrylicous Fluid Chalk Ink and trimmed, this is adhered with magic mount . Later stamping Kaszazz Happy Easter stamp in Dark Brown fluid chalk ink.
This project is super cute!
Don't forget you can get the instructions to this round weaved basket Here !
I'll be back tomorrow with a cute kids set Basket and Card

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Easter Basket & Card ...Day 3 .... No Stamping for this one !

Hi Bloggers

I am still getting more and more inspired with these easter baskets using my scraps up .....

Day 3 and this is very cute , I think I did well for my first attempt. I found this basket weaving project on youtube ....all the insructions and a video ....its fail proof !
I have used my small Kasz daisy punch, some purple ribbon scraps, along with black mini blads out of my stash :)
A neat little weaved card mat made out of the scraps from the basket comes up a treat decorated with the same theme. I have hand written the Happy Easter with a purple mapping pen and inked the edges with fluid chalk ink....... This card is 3 1/2 square to suit the size of the basket better .....Have fun creating this round easter baskets , I definately will be making some more of these a bit smaller though .....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Easter Basket & Card ...Day 2 ....

Hi Again
Its still raining so I thought I would keep going with the easter baskets and 3" x 3" gift cards using up my card offcuts and bits n pieces out of my stash.....
This box is extremely easy to make , simply find your offcut and score all sides evenly to make a box .....I will post some pics next time I make one!

For this set I have Embossed in silver my Kaszazz , Easter Eggs stamp twice on Bazill offcuts and added some ribbon and a spiral clip to dress it up !

Watch this space for more eater baskets , coming your way till I run out of scraps or time :)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

A weaved Easter Basket & Card

Its raining again in not so sunny Qld .....what else is there to do but play in your stash...
With Easter just around the corner and a box full of cardboard scraps ...I thought a weaved basket was a great way to get rid of those odd lengths of card. My hint for weaver is to use an odd number to keep your pattern even...
The Ribbons on my project today are both recycled from a chocolate box and bath set I got for Xmas.
On my little 3" x 3" Card Using my Kaszazz, Peek-a-boo Bunny stamp. I have embossed the image with Copper then trimmed the boarder to give it a different look ....be careful to keep your word to use as well !
Hope your all having fun with your rainy day creations

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Promtions

To take advantage of these fantastic Kaszazz offers please contact me on

(07) 5494 8304

alternatively you can email me at ketacraft@hotmail.com


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