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Kaszazz Proudly 100% Australian Owned
Full Kit Joining Option
When you join Kazazz with the full kit joining option you'll receive a Business Kit & Demonstartion Package with a total value of almost double your joining fee!
You may also qualify for a monthly promotion
(see current promotions)

3 Kaszazz Customer Events
As a Kaszazz Consultant you will have a great time running customer events.
3 potential income streams availble to you.
Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own hours ...
Your Own Kaszazz Business for just $295

You can start your own Kaszazz business for just $60 !
Kaszazz Quick - Start recruits will receive
Annual subscription for first year
1 Kaszazz Catalogue ( plus any new products fliers)
1 Master order form
1 Adminstrative Items order form
1 Promotional flier ( 3 Customer events)
1 Promotional flier ( Join Our Team )
1 Invitation ( 3 Customer events )
1 Demonstration Package & Business Kit List
1 Welcome & Next Steps letter ( & Email - includes website password )
Contact me today for a more information
Ph: (07) 5494 8304


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