Thursday, March 5, 2009

Using Kaszazz Vellum {Day 4}

Bubble Butterfly Vellum Card

Hey everyone,

Sorry I am late but this was worth the delay. I have been playing with a heap of idea's to try to come up with something awesome...This is my idea of awesome :)

The background vellum is made by using your plain Vellum, Bubble wrap and vivid ink in Raspberry. Cut your Vellum down to size. Get your bubble wrap ( I buy mine by the roll from the post office ) use your vivid ink and stamp it all over the textured side of the bubble wrap - then turn it onto the vellum and pat down evenly, then remove and discard the bubble wrap -set this aside to dry.

The butterfly centre piece - I have got my rectangle cut to size then using your vivid again cover the vellum in ink, use a sweeping motion from the centre outwards then turn and do the same from the opposite direction. Now working quickly get your clean butterfly stamp and stamp it onto the inked vellum- this removes the ink from the vellum- like a reverse stamping, we are taking the ink away rather then putting it there. I have then used a flower stamp and repeated the process around the edges, when doing this I have stamped to remove the ink - then stamped onto scrap paper and then again onto the vellum- this cleans the ink from the stamp so you can pick up enough ink to get the effect. Then set this aside to dry ( I gave them both half hour to dry )

I have then used Scotch Vellum tape to secure the background piece to the card - when using this tape be sure to put it on your card not the vellum - rub it with the back of your thumb nail till the tape backing falls away - then use your palms to rub gently over the vellum to adhere to the tape. If you stick it on the vellum first or rub it hard when you put the vellum on it will show through.

I have then matted the centre piece on white card - this made the effect show through much better. Then used eyelets and my silent setter to secure this. You can use super tape on the reverse of this to adhere to your card.

I have then stamped my Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much stamp in vivid onto white card and cut it up to get my words. I have mounted my words with Magic Mount & added them to my card.

I hope you all have a blast with these techniques, I am up to my elbows in ink but it sure was fun! I found that darker colours worked best. Let me know how you go with your creations would love to see other peoples ideas with these techniques.

I am off to see what everyone else did yesterday then try to come up with something brilliant for the last day of Vellum. Be sure to check them out @



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