Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi everyone,

I couldn't wait to share this one, having hit my email about 2 minutes ago , Kaszazz has released its very own Brand range of Clear Albums. Expanding once again the very broad range of papercrafting products and project idea's on offer.

Now is the time to share your creativity and contact your Kaszazz consultant or join us and become one yourself :)

Check out all the latest Kaszazz Products here:

Back soon with some exciting news !!!!!

Happy Papercrafting

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  1. Hi there. My name is Simone. I tried using the (widget) emailer you had on your main page. I filled out the details:- name, my email, subject and a question. I put my email address in the email part and pressed send. It came to me:- the address I put in. I also have this on my home page, and I did the same except put my daughters details, and it went to her. I thought the email went to your address with my email info on it? Please explain this to me. I thought that it was so we could, as it says "Contact Keta". But it doesn't. Please answer me if you can, on my blog. Just post a comment.I joined as a friend today, so you can find it there.



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